" TRUST ME addresses how media technology is changing society and how we can protect future generations and ourselves. "

James P. Steyer

Founder & CEO of Common Sense Media
" This film offers a sensitive, lyrical, and courageous look at emotional dimensions of our attachment to digital devices. "

Renee Hobbs

Director - Harrington Center at Univ. of Rhode Island
" Whom should you trust in the media? Trust Me addresses this important issue. I’m proud to have been a part of this artful and powerful film that not only addresses the problem but, more importantly, offers solutions. "

Michael Shermer

Publisher Skeptic magazine, author “Giving the Devil His Due”
" Trust Me opens up the vital conversation about the importance of understanding the media landscape which surrounds us. As someone who works every day to create a media literate world, I am grateful for this film and its message about the importance of reflecting on the way media shapes the world we live in. It’s an incredibly important film at an incredibly important time. You will want to see this. Trust me. "

Michelle Ciulla-Lipkin

Executive Director – National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE)
" This film is designed to increase student’s media literacy to help them cope with the volumes of negativity they are bombarded with since the advent of mobile devices, enabling them to become more resilient. Documentaries like Trust Me may help Montana’s population develop tools to combat mental health issues like suicide ideology. "

Jon Tester

U.S. Senator
" Manipulation of the news by media sources can lead to an increase in depression, anxiety and an increase in the polarization of society. Trust Me and the Getting Better Foundation are working to remedy this through this film. "

Steve Daines

U.S. Senator
" To improve the world we need to have confidence that improvement is possible. Today’s information diet tends to work against these goals, and it’s essential that we understand how people learn about current affairs and how we can enhance their knowledge about the present and hope for the future. Trust Me is a vivid, engaging, and penetrating portrait of these vital issues. "

Steven Pinker

Harvard University, author “Enlightenment Now”
" We live in troubling times. We are at a point where we need to learn to talk to each other… to engage each other in critical discourse. This film goes a long way to solving the How of what we say, How it affects others and in building critical thinking. "

Belinha DeAbreu, PhD.

Media Literacy Educator & Author
“ I loved it – and can’t imagine anything that could be more topical or timely. ”

Patrice North

Executive Director – Alexandria Film Festival