Attitudes and Life

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Social Pressure and Bullying

Social Pressure and Bullying: Durango, Colorado, USA – Mountain Middle School Rosemary Smith, author “It was already a mean enough time going through middle and high school, back in the day, now throw gasoline on the fire, and throw a phone in there. The bullying doesn’t stop when the bell rings,” says Shane Voss, Principal – Mountain Middle School. “Kids don’t have the ability to escape from that… they’re always connected,” intones Joanna Michel, parent. Voss further sites, “Kids are saying things they’d never say face-to-face.  Things like ‘Go kill y

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Building Trust Through Truth

Anxiety. Depression. Substance Abuse. Suicidology.  Why are these debilitating mental health disorders on the rise while poverty, famine, crime, war, and conflict are on the decline?  When we are provided with the empirical truths that today may be one of the greatest times to be alive, we remain skeptical.  Yet, facts from credible scientists, journalists, researchers, and psychologists prove the trendlines are positive. “There can be no question of which was the greatest era for culture; the answer has to be today, until it is superseded by tomorrow.” –  Steven Pinker, Enlighten

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Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression: Washington, DC, USA  Rosemary Smith, author Who do we want to regulate what we can say? The Government? Social Media Platforms? Extremists? In the United States, the First Amendment to the Constitution prevents government from making laws that prohibit free exercise of religion, freedom of speech, press, or the right to petition. It was adopted December 15, 1791 and has stood the test of time and the courts as one of the ten amendments that compose the Bill of Rights.   “Freedom of press, speech, and religion… any limitations on that freedom to express

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Radical Truth

By Rosemary Smith, Managing Director of Getting Better Foundation As I meet with educators all over the world about their fears for students’ schooling since the pandemic, racial tensions, polarization of communities, and vaccination envy or mistrust, I feel compelled to share some solutions. Consider these meditations:  “Radical Truth” and “Radical Openmindedness”.  Coined by the most successful asset manager of the 20th century, Ray Dalio employs these principles when hiring people to join his Bridgewater Associates team.  I might add to these “Radical Acceptance”. Dr.