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We All Have Misperceptions

By Joe Phelps, Getting Better Foundation, founder As mentioned in Matt Ridley’s recent blog: The late, Hans Rosling, asked 1000 people: “Has the percentage of the world population that lives in extreme poverty (a) halved, (b) doubled, or (c) stayed the same in the past 20 years?” Only 5 per cent got the right answer that it had halved; 65 per cent thought it had doubled. Rosling pointed out that if he wrote the three answers on three bananas and threw them to a chimpanzee, it would pick up the right answer 33 per cent of the time, doing six times as well as human beings at answering a q

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By Belinha De Abreu, PhD., author, researcher, friend of The Getting Better Foundation We live in troubling times.  The news in the past months have shown how conflicted our world is and how disconnected we are despite being the most technologically connected ever. In my opinion, it has made the need for media literacy education vital along with civics literacy and communication skills. Why? Because what we say matters. It matters when information is shared online.  It matters when facts are mixed with opinions. It matters when people perceive history erroneously. It matters when people do