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To be delivered to the United States Department of Education, Governors of the 50 United States, the U.S. Congress and Senate:

“We, the People, call upon Government, Journalists and Educators to help us rid the airwaves, internet and news outlets of mis– and dis-information from irresponsible media sources. The first step is to prepare the citizenry to evaluate the validity of messages and sources by supporting media literacy and testing for K-12 education, university and journalistic curriculums.

The high state of fear generated by media coverage which is unbalanced (biased toward the bad news) and sometimes erroneous, drives up unnecessary fear in our country, which, in turn drives down trust. When we trust one another, we’re more apt to help each another. Fear can also lead to feelings of helplessness which damages mental health. By closing the perception gap between the actual and the perceived state of the world, we believe depression, anxiety, illegal drug use and suicidal ideology will decline. We believe progress in solving the big problems of the day will move forward at a higher rate.”

Rationale for this petition: The facts prove this is be the best time ever to be alive, but most don’t realize it. A petition asking for the U.S. States to adopt media literacy curriculum in K-12 schools would show our resolve and remind our representatives of the critical importance of this issue.