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By: P. Brown, author & friend of Getting Better Foundation It is only natural that we care mostly about ourselves. Our immediate family. Our friends. Maybe our neighbors. And just maybe the community we live in. That’s the way most of us live our lives. And for good reason.  For the most part we can’t afford the time and energy it takes to be engaged with much outside the world we live in that’s closest to home. That’s the way we feel about the world. But when we think about the world, our understanding of it changes to include more of it. More people. More opportunities

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By: Joe Phelps, Founder of Getting Better Foundation The lack of media literacy – or “Minding the Gap” – is a critical problem — worldwide. “Minding the Gap” is a term used in the U.K.’s subway warning riders to beware of standing too close to the rails. Psychologists now use the term to help bring people around from negative thinking that may lead them to take the “wrong train” of thought and actions that may harm them.  One of the best tools our society can use to “mind our gaps” is to teach media literacy as a cognitive immunity for the masses. There’s an a