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VIEWERS HAVE ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES TO WATCH AWARD-WINNING DOCUMENTARY “TRUST ME” ON PUBLIC TELEVISION LOS ANGELES, March 10, 2022 — The timely new “Trust Me,” film exposes problems caused by society’s lack of media literacy and offers solutions. Public television stations across the country continue to address how mis- and disinformation are affecting society by scheduling premiers and repeats of “Trust Me” to reach 84% market coverage in the U.S. this year. The film brings awareness of the need for media literacy to combat polarization, threats to democracy, medica

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The Durango Herald Details the Focus of Durango’s Mountain Middle School Cell Phone Policy in “Trust Me” Documentary

“Mountain Middle School, its technology policy, and media literacy efforts serve as a successful model for educators and parents trying to teach the next generation how to critically consume media.” - Aedan Hannon Herald Staff Writer Mountain Middle School, located in Durango, CO is featured prominently in the “Trust Me” documentary. That’s because they are a unique success story when it comes to dealing with misinformation and teaching media literacy to children. Their policies involving cellphone bans and media literacy curriculum highlight the type of rationality that our socie

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Stephen Pinker, Harvard University Professor of Psychology, Discusses His Latest Book – “Rationality: What It Is, Why It Seems Scarce, Why It Matters,” On The Joe Rogan Experience

In episode #1743 of The Joe Rogan Experience, Stephen Pinker sits down with Rogan to talk about the scarcity of rationality within certain segments of our society. Pinker outlines his theory that while some areas of civilization are becoming more rational over time, there appears to be a growing disparity of rational thought between specific groups and organizations. He gives examples of increasing signs of rationality within the realms of charity, professional sports, policing, and governmental institutions. On the other hand, Pinker references the rising number of conspiracy theorists with i

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 Directed by Oscar-nominated Roko Belic, film shows crucial need for media literacy and solutions for more resilience, hope, and trust LOS ANGELES — WORLD Channel and Public Broadcasting Stations (PBS) nationwide will kick off the New Year with a special one-hour, made-for-television version of “Trust Me,” the documentary created by acclaimed director Roko Belic and Joe Phelps of The Getting Better Foundation. The film brings awareness to the need for media literacy to help combat polarization of communities, threats to democracy, medical misinformation, and mental illnesses.  I