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Social Media is Only Part of the Problem

Written by Joe Phelps, CEO, Getting Better Foundation Netflix’s documentary, ”The Social Dilemma”, exposed the motivations and technologies of social media platforms as well as the algorithms that drive them. What it doesn't explain however, is the complex challenge media ill-literacy presents. The U.S. State Department has recognized the importance of media literacy, as they premiered our film, "Trust Me" at their annual conference. “Trust Me” portrays real-life consequences to our lack of media literacy. Our hyper-attentiveness to threats and violence, our tendency to rem

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How fake news leads to conspiracy theories

Written by Rosemary Smith, Managing Director of Getting Better Foundation Besides being potentially avoidable tragedies, what do the Nashville Bomber, Russian Trolls, Black Lives Matter, Covington Catholic, Pizza Gate, Sandy Hook, Anti-Vax, and COVID Conspiracies all have in common?  They’re all instances where a lack of media literacy led to destruction of property, health or life… and they were all avoidable. Overviews: Nashville Bomber:  a belief, taken from online misinformation touting “5G paranoia” is believed to have motivated Anthony Warner’s desire to disrupt Tenn